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The History Of Oak

Author: lucy pitt

Oak furniture is both beautiful and durable and many of us have at least one piece of furniture made from this traditional wood in our homes.

But did you know that oak is one of the oldest serving woods around the UK and indeed the world. British homes have contained oak tables, chairs, beds, stools and fireplaces for many hundreds of years.

The first recorded mention of oak furniture comes from Norman times. In those days furniture was very practical and would have consisted of basic benches and tables.

Oak was a popular choice because British woodlands and forests were heavily populated with the tree species. The Normans soon found that the wood was extremely hard wearing, durable and water resistant and so it quickly became the most popular choice for basic furniture.

Gradually, as dwellings and living spaces became more sophisticated, people began to use shelves and cupboards. This was partly so things like ammunition and food could be stored safely and partly to keep goods fresh and out of the weather.

Shelves and cupboards quickly moved into the kitchen and were used to store crockery, not long after the chest of drawers and kitchen cupboard was born.

As oak was plentiful it was not just used for household furniture but also to build ships and wagons. Within a few hundred years the wood had become the most popular choice for wealthy families and to this end it began to go up in price and to be more sought after.

In the middle ages oak carved wall panels began to appear as people started to show more interest in the aesthetics of their homes. Some marvellous examples of oak panelling from the middle ages can still be seen in the House of Commons.

At the time, carpentry apprentices would spend many years raining under a master of the art until they were considered to be skilled to a high enough standard.

After 1600 people began to prefer lighter wood and oak dropped in popularity. However many of these items of furniture made from lighter materials has disappeared when thousands of ancient oak pieces remain intact and look as beautiful as ever.

During the war years Oak regained popularity because of its durability, so much so that British Oak had to be protected and has remained a protected species to this day.

Oak furniture is more popular today than it has ever been, perhaps because it is synonymous with quality and durability. Oak furniture can fit beautifully into any style of home. Investing in oak is a wise decision that will keep you satisfied for many years to come.

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Where to Place a Wicker Table in Your Home

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Where can a wicker table be placed in your home? As a less-typical piece of wicker furniture, a table comes with a set for a living room, dining room, office, or porch. In general, wicker tables have two designs: fully wicker or wicker and glass. Made out of the woven cores of rattan stalks, reeds, or willow switches, a wicker table may have a wicker base and glass on top, or both the base and top are made out of rattan.

Accompanied by a loveseat, sofa, or chairs, a wicker table is often included in a living room or patio set. All sets have a similar design of matching sitting pieces, only the patio set is made out of all-weather wicker. While the full set is coordinated by finish, the wicker table has a glass top, and every other piece comes with a cushion. When part of a patio or living room set, a wicker table is the perfect place for resting magazines or dishes.

Wicker tables are also part of dining sets. As part of a dinette set, a wicker table can be placed in the kitchen with four matching chairs. The perfect place for a casual or quick meal, a dinette does not take up too much space and is light enough to be taken inside or outdoors. A dining room set, on the other hand, has a longer table and is too large for the kitchen. For either type of dining set, the accompanying table is fully wicker or has a glass top.

A less-usual set, wicker office furniture may also have a table. Matching cabinets and drawers, the wicker table or desk is strong enough to support a computer and other office supplies.

Classic Wicker Furniture

No matter the wicker table you choose, make sure it matches your space, and the finish plays a key part in this. Finishes from dark to light to white are possible for wicker, and tables are no exception. For a casual look, consider going with white for the table and the rest of the furniture set. If the space is more formal, such as for an office or a dining room, consider going with a darker color. In any instance, make sure the finish blends in with your existing décor.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Red Bedroom Design Ideas

Author: ireneok9

If you feel that you live like a fire, full of energy and passion - then this post is for you. Design ideas for the red bedroom will insire you to change your interior design and maybe even life. The photos will help you to learn easily. And you don't even need to go to interior design courses.

Design Idea # 1 Unique sofa

If you want to have red color in your bedroom it can be used in different ways. One of them is to add red color to the interior objects. You can buy a red sofa, chair or curtains. The sofa of red color my look too hard, but when it is designed in round shape, you can be confident that it will look gorgeous.

Modern interior design

Monday, March 28, 2011

Decorative Curtain Rods For Perfecting Your Window Treatment

Author: Hiren Modi Horses By The Water  Curtain Set

Indeed, several people actually spend a lot of time mulling over the interior design of their home and happened to take no notice of small details. It is not always the bigger things are going to give you the absolute results. Decorating areas like window panes are often overlooked that actually need to be dodged. When homeowners have a wider choice decorating their window with excellent window rods and curtains, they don't need to stay away from bringing that extensive look to their drapery panel. Enhance your window pane/drapery panel with stylish curtain rods Here, we are not only talking about curtains but also of stylish curtain rods which can genuinely enhance the window treatment altogether. They give a perfect look to the windows as the variety and range help an interior decorator to find out the absolute match for the other decorative items too. These days you get curtains rods of many different type, different sizes, different shapes, and different colors. The material used to vary from iron to polarizing to steel to plastics. There are materials like brass, wrought iron, wood and many other materials are used for curtain rods and this is actually a blessing because one can go ahead with their idea of purchasing a curtain rod that actually is going to gel with the already chosen materials for the home décor. And of course, the homeowners are the ones who know that which of these materials can be perfect for their drapery panel. Inexpensive decorative curtain rods There are a variety of curtain rods you can avail at present. There are expensive as well as inexpensive decorative curtain rods out in the market. It is your wise preferences that help you to decide which of them should be sprucing up your drapery panel. If you don't want to put a lot of emphasize on your curtain rods, you have the simplest ones which may have simple rod ends with simple brackets that have round shapes or an oval shapes without having very detailed finials and finishes. On the other hand, there are expensive as well as lavish decorative curtain rods too which are certainly going to be an absolute piece of decorative item for an elaborately designed home. You get powder coated durable decorative curtain rods which have detailed and elaborate finials which are going to be a great accessory to your window treatment. Such decorative curtain rods come in packages like they will have an extender rod, 3 brackets as well as hardware. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to visit a curtain rod retail shop or browse through an online retail store to get the finest idea for your window treatment and you can find out the precise decorative curtain rods without much ado.

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Stores Where You Can Find Drapery Blinds

Author: Marion Maynard

When you are shopping for draperies, it's always a good idea to purchase ones that are stain resistant. The best way to make sure your draperies look new for years to come, is to make sure you buy stain resistant fabric. Should something spill on your drapes, it is essential to clean it off right away. That way there won't be time for it to soak into the fabric and leave a stain.

Revolutionary Cleaning provides reliable, high quality residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning services to Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We specialize in Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Drapery Cleaning, and Tile & grout cleaning.

What kinds of services are available? Let's have a look at some of the common services on offer when it comes to home cleaning needs. Upholstery and drapery cleaning it is quite difficult to clean the fabric coverings of your couches, sofas, loveseats, and such others. A good technician knows how to do away with the spots and stains without damaging the fabric. Ask the service provider whether they are capable of cleaning silk, suede, velvet, leather, and other such materials before you hire their help.

Alternately, if your drapes are machine washable, you can put them in the washing machine. Be sure to check the tags on the drapes to verify if this is the case, and follow all washing directions on the tags. Normally, drapes are meant to be washed with cool water, on a gentle cycle. Hot water and rough washing cycles can permanently damage many types of draperies.

There are two ways you can get the upholstered furniture cleaned. Either do it yourself or hire an upholstery cleaning company. Often carpet cleaning companies will also clean upholstered furniture. So you could have it done when you schedule to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

Air duct sanitizers were more of the same, and also never going to pass an allergy MD who does test the products we use before he refers his patients to us. Let's not even move on to these products - spotters, boosters, de-foaming agents, de-browning agents... Long story short, no viable changes in the industry on a corporate level. Even Clorox Green Works, while certainly a baby step in the right direction, has an unnecessary chemical content for a company that has the means and the experience to produce an exquisite green product if they chose to. If you look at their products and the corresponding MSDS, the chemicals listed in the section for hazardous chemicals should not even be there. These same chemicals are not present in the formulas of truly effective plant based cleaning compounds, produced by smaller independent companies. Those compounded quality products do not need that cheap chemical boost to perform well. The ratio of plant based ingredients to the entire sum of the product is key. It appears we still, as a nation have a chemical romance that is not soon breaking up.

Purchasing draperies constructed of fire retardant fabrics can offer added protection to your home in the event of a fire. Since these draperies are constructed from a variety of attractive fabrics and colors, you can still adorn your windows beautifully while having the peace of mind that your drapes won't sustain fire or catch on fire.

French pleat drapery panels bring a European flair to any home. The tucked pleat in the front brings a quaint charm to any room. These blinds are attached with a clip on the back that hooks into a pin. The fabric appears to sit above the rod, concealing most of the rod except the ends. Decorative ends can be used to dress up the curtains.

Curtain cleaning can be performed by the homeowner themselves or there are professional curtain cleaning companies that will perform that service. Often a carpet cleaning company will also clean curtains and drapes when they come in to clean the carpet. In fact it is a good idea to have the curtains or drapes cleaned when you have the carpet cleaned as they will get all of the dirt out of the drapery, some of which will fall on the carpet. Then they will clean the carpets after the drapery is finished and you will have a nice clean smelling home.

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Rustic Outdoor Lighting Creates an Enhanced Country Allure

Author: danotlmass

Rustic outdoor lighting is one of the most popularly used nowadays because of the rural feeling that it evokes. Most often than not, it exudes a feeling of being deep in the woods and provides the impression of vast wide open spaces. With this type of lighting, you don't need to build a cabin in the woodland; you only have to have some outdoor lighting mounted. When you go for the most suitable way of lighting your property, you can win the look you want to have.

If you're going for that rustic look, you can begin by planning out a way to make your home give an aura that it is an extension of the outdoors. The secret to achieving that look is to keep your illumination mellow while making ambience through shadows. The biggest thing to do is to make sure that the shadows hover around the corner; nevertheless, you have to control the dimness so the diffused lighting is maintained. By doing this, you can enhance the exterior design of your home and at the same time give it a relaxing and casual look.

To achieve rustic lighting, you would need light equipment adorned with pinecones and trees, and other related items because these can give a sense of bucolic lifestyle. One technique of giving that rural appeal is through using rustic lamps designed with animals, trees, plants and panoramas showing water. For a more traditional rustic outdoor lighting, you can go for a wrought-iron chandelier that will blend well with the whole design. You can also put in candles with holders in addition to oil lamps. You can also add in a wagon wheel, the most well known effect that exudes a rural look. What else, you can also put in a cowboy look and this would mean setting up an arrangement using materials that would give that effect.

The most familiar light fixtures for rustic lighting are the wall lights, wall lanterns, pendant lights, ceiling lights, hanging lanterns, hanging lights, post lights, post lanterns, and outdoor sconces. If you want something unique, you can go for a solar powered rustic path light, which you can deploy everywhere easily because it requires no wiring and electricity. Before you go out to pay for them, check that they have good rating for use and that they are manufactured using top-quality materials. Check, also, that you can run a power cable towards the spot for your rustic lighting setup. One of the most practical ways is to get low voltage lights as they are one of the cheapest among those available in the market. And always keep in mind to conserve energy by switching off lights when they are not in use.

For that authentic rural look, get some candles. They are the chief factor in rustic outdoor lighting as candles have been used by our ancestors as their main source of lighting. Don't forget to give sufficient protection for the candles so they remain effective and can endure for a long time. Also, do not forget to extinguish them as soon as you feel you do not need them anymore, or the moon is rather luminescent enough.

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You may want to add beauty into your outdoors by adding rustic outdoor lighting fixtures. It not only provides security and safety from the outside but shows the real beauty of your home. Or you may want to try outdoor lighting.

Picking Little Factors To Transform Your Kitchen

Author: Boris Burnett

When you're hoping to decorate your home, you will possibly come across that it turns into overwhelming. Following all, a home is a significant site, and most of the time you may possibly be questioning exactly where to start off. Imagine it or not, the kitchen is the single greatest location to get started merely since of the appeal it has for citizens and guests alike. Mainly because it is the room your family members will be spending the most time in, it requirements to be at ease and it requires to be inviting.

When doing work on your kitchen it would be a excellent notion to get a look at the kitchen table initial. You require to determine regardless of whether or not the table normally requires up the appropriate quantity of space, and you need to make positive it has enough room for your whole family members. An individual way that you could improve room is by including a round table to your kitchen. A round table can seat four folks of program, but it can be expanded with a leaf to seat even much more.

Yet another way to add a bit of flair to your kitchen is by updating your kitchen handles. Kitchen handles are an simple way to customize the search of your kitchen devoid of possessing to expend too much funds. One of the best issues about including new handles is that you can locate some that fit the design of your kitchen. That means that you can broaden the cohesiveness of your kitchen design and style. Try out to decide on handles that help enhance the search of your kitchen fairly than merely selecting quite utilitarian selections for by yourself. Usually kitchen handles are extremely inexpensive which indicates that you will be in a position to very easily add them to your home.

Consider a search at different types of kitchen clocks. This will aid you to time dishes whilst you cook, and if you select the right clock you will possibly find that you can add a selected punch to your décor. Make confident it matches the theme of your kitchen, and make sure that it is practical. Performing so will offer you with an remarkable aesthetic!

Pot and pan racks are also a well-known addition for kitchens. These are not only practical, but they are also extremely decorative. When thinking about including this variety of rack to your kitchen you need to have to very first establish if you have the appropriate area for this. Usually you do not want to have this hang over an open walking region. However, if you have a kitchen island it may possibly be the best area to set up a pan rack.

When hunting into incorporating a new kitchen table, you will need to realize that you do have choices. These consist of round kitchen tables, square tables, and rectangular kitchen tables. Make confident to prepare in accordance to your wants and not your desires and shell out near focus to the strengths and disadvantages to every of the selections.

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